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КОЛЛЕКЦИЯ Весна лето 2018

The Spring/Summer Collection continues the ROY's characteristic smart casual style. Models for these season stand out with original colours, refined details and carefully selected fabrics. The collection is characterized by a natural chic, relaxed look and comfort that redefine the sense of luxury. The colour tones subtly hint the sun-bathed coastline with blue shades of sky, sea water turquoise and beige hues of a sandy beach; enhanced by more pronounced accents such as ceramic red, cobalt and melon yellow it is meant to evoke the atmosphere of holiday voyage. Fashionable prints with palm jungle motifs, which are used on linings, rims, buttons or underneath the jacket collar, add to their beauty. What is particularly remarkable are laborious, yet appealing and practical finishes such as half-lining and contrasting seams inside the jackets, which make them light and airy - just what you need in the summer.

The collection features a wide range of blazers, shirts, trousers and coats. The characteristic part of the collection are models made of linen and blends of linen and cotton with rich colours and intriguing texture.