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The new generation of ATN thermal imaging rifle scopes brings a number of changes. ATN has fundamentally changed the entire design of the hunting thermal imaging riflescope with the ATN Mars 4 models. The riflescope already resembles a conventional optic in its appearance, the tube has been modified to a diameter of 30mm, which allows the use of the existing mount on hunting rifles.

The Smart HD thermal scope with its revolutionary sensor has an incredibly fine image. There is no more pixelation (blurring) of the image after digital zooming. The new ATN Obsidian IV Dual Core processor is a huge leap in performance, not just for digital thermal imaging.

Recording at up to 60 frames per second is now standard. With this fast recording, it is possible to step (slow-motion replay) the game hit in detail and see exactly where the shot landed.


Extremely long battery life per charge + 16 hours
Aluminum body for long life
Eye relief from eyepiece is now a much larger 9cm (same as daytime optics), competing products have a maximum of 4cm - no longer do you have to mount the riflescope up to the "nose"
The detection distance of the thermal imaging scope is an incredible 3000m
The identification distance is 720m
Easy and quick image clearing
Extreme image fineness thanks to the powerful sensor
With the new ATN Mars thermal imaging scope you have a choice of three colour display modes (white warm, black warm and color mode warm)
The control buttons have been designed to make the operation of the riflescope easier and more pleasant for all users.
The buttons are easy to use even with gloves on, and are also more comfortable for users with larger fingers.

Unbeatable battery life on a single charge!
After 16 hours of use, the thermovision itself will alert you in time when the battery is low.
The ATN Obsidian IV Dual Core processor is not only extremely fast, but also incredibly fuel efficient compared to previous models. As a result, the MARS 4 is the world's first digital thermal imager to last more than 16 hours of operation on a single charge.
The batteries (made by Panasonic) are integrated and thanks to a new processor that is very economical, these batteries have a lifespan of 1000 charging cycles. That means 18,000 hours of continuous operation! In case the lifetime of the charging cycles is exhausted, it is possible to have the batteries replaced again.
Charging is done via a USB-C cable/connector. With the new USB-C connector, it no longer matters which way you plug it in.

The method of shooting is much simpler with ATN products than with day optics. The shooting procedure is really simple. When you start the priming program, you will automatically see two overlapping intentional crosses. You shoot at the center of the target. With the non-moving cross, you keep aiming at the center of the target, and you move the second, moving cross to the actual point of impact. So now you have one cross at the center of the target, and the other cross is moved to the point of impact. You confirm with one button and the thermal imager changes the shot value to the second cross that marked the impact of the shot. You only need 2 shots when priming -> with the second shot only being to confirm the priming.

This software rangefinder works by calculating the distance based on the height of the target you are aiming at. For example, if I know that a paper target is 60cm high, I mark the top and bottom edges of the target and the thermal imager calculates the distance.
This method of calculating the distance has been used successfully for deer, for example, where the average heights of the game are very similar, but for black game the heights are very different, so the calculation results may not be completely accurate.

ABL LASER rangefinder
A very accurate laser rangefinder can be purchased for the device, which is fully compatible with the thermal imaging system.
New in precision laser rangefinders, you no longer have to buy a rifle scope with an integrated laser rangefinder, which is bulky, normally up to 0.5kg heavier and only used a few times a year.
ATN has developed an additional rangefinder connected wirelessly via Bluetooth. You only deploy it when you need it. It is added by screwing the sleeve in front of the objective lens, this way you are assured that the rangefinder is pointing at the same place as the rifle scope.
The rangefinder also includes a sighting laser to check target acquisition. Quick and easy - just press the button and the range is wirelessly transferred to the riflescope, which can instantly shift the aiming warp using the ballistic calculator according to the current conditions that the riflescope detects from the integrated sensors-> Humidity, aiming angle, weapon tilt angle, temperature, barometric pressure and thanks to the GPS also altitude. The only variable the rangefinder cannot measure is wind strength and flow - however, you will be able to easily estimate it yourself and add it to your ballistic calculator calculation.
The battery lasts over 6 months of continuous operation with Bluetooth on! The weight is only 360g.

You no longer need to use expensive external sensors. Thermal imaging includes sensors for humidity, aiming angle, gun angle, temperature, barometric pressure and, thanks to GPS, altitude. All you have to enter into the calculator are the parameters of the ammunition used, the distance at which you have the gun loaded, the distance of the center of the scope from the barrel, and the strength and direction of the wind. This calculator does an excellent job of calculating the effect of the wind on the target hit. Thanks to the built-in compass, it can determine what effect (depending on the direction from which the wind is blowing) the wind has on the shift of the bullet's path.
It is necessary to enter the wind strength and azimuth. By following this advice it is possible to determine the wind strength with very little deviation:
1 - 2 m/s - you can feel the wind on your face, smaller leaves and grass are moving
2 - 3.6 m/s - small leaves and heavy blades of grass are moving
2.7 - 4.5 m/s - tips of small trees are moving
3.6 - 5.4 m/s - brush is moving
4.5+ m/s - trees/branches are moving
This ballistic calculator really works, ideal with an ABL laser rangefinder.

Share the experience with other hunters! The ATN Mars 4 can record in Full HD, Stream 720p and also show hunters the game they are currently hunting at the same time.
Never miss an unrepeatable situation again! Simply record everything without having to think about starting the recording. The ATN thermal imager knows when the gun fires (by recoil) and can save video 5 to 30 seconds before the shot and 5 to 30 seconds after the shot.
Just press one button and you don't worry about anything, the thermal imager continuously records and saves the section of video you want automatically after the shot.


The thermal imager comes with a weaver rail mount.
The standard weaver mounting eye with base has a weaver rail with an under-view, which also has short weaver rails at the top, on both sides, for attaching additional accessories. A huge advancement in making this riflescope more comfortable to use is the part that is L-shaped, meaning it already moves the riflescope closer to the shooter without having to buy longer mounting rails. For example, on rifles like the Brno 98, where the bolt safety is very high, it will no longer be a problem to use the riflescope with this mount.

possibility to adjust the sensitivity to residual light
many types and colours of intentional crosses
playback of recorded videos directly on the device, no need to remove the MicroSD card or use Wi-Fi to download videos
connect the device to a mobile phone and display the same image on the mobile phone, which rifle scope is pointed at the same time
set up using the Android/IOS mobile app
use the handheld rangefinder, connected via Bluetooth pair the remote control, which you place on the forearm with Velcro
continuous zoom where, you are not limited by the preset zoom

1x eyepiece
2x standard mounting lugs with sight
1 x L-shaped mount, ideal for mounting the rifle scope closer to the shooter's eye
1x USB-C cable
1x neoprene cover for thermal scope
1x cleaning cloth for optics
1x manual in Czech language

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Category: Thermal imaging
Warranty: 3 years
Weight: 2 kg
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