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Product detailed description

New, compact, lightweight! ATN MARS 4 LT

The long awaited lightweight thermal imaging system is here. The manufacturer ATN has come up with a new version of the thermal imager with the designation LT (lite). The thermal imager is intended to serve as an alternative for hunters who do not place high demands on the features of the thermal imager, but prefer the performance of the chip itself at a reasonable price.

Only 650g and a battery life of 10+ hours!

The new ATN thermal imager is a reliable partner for hunting day and night.

The ATN mars 4 LT is powered by the ATN Obsidian Core LT, which is very economical to run. Thanks to this, the integrated battery lasts for more than 10 hours of operation.

Smart HD thermal imaging has a very fine image thanks to the revolutionary technologies that have been used in the production of the sensor. Thus, there is no pixelation (blurring) of the thermal imaging image. The resolution of the HD display is 1280x720.

Keep an overview

The detection distance of the thermal imager is 475 meters. The identification distance is 160m. The 60HZ sensor provides a smooth display.

Zoom in

The Mars 4 Lt has 3x optical magnification and up to 6x digital magnification.

Easy mounting

The thermal imaging camera can be mounted to the weapon using the 30mm rings that are not supplied with the thermal imaging camera. The thermal sight has a durable aluminum alloy construction so it can be used on any caliber.

Thermal imager control

The ergonomics of the buttons have been designed to make the operation of the thermal imager simple for any user. The size of the buttons is also adapted to be operated with gloves, and likewise for hunters who have "bigger" fingers.

Battery life 10+ hours

It is provided by the integrated high capacity battery combined with the powerful, dual-core ATN processor. Panasonic's batteries have a battery life of up to 1,000 charge cycles. This means 10,000 hours of operation. Charging is done via a USB-C cable/connector. With the new USB-C connector, it doesn't matter which side is plugged into the device.


The method of priming is much simpler with ATN products than with day optics.

The shooting procedure is very simple. When you run the priming program, you will automatically see two overlapping crosses. After the first shot is fired, you aim the stationary cross at the center of the target and move the second cross to the point of impact. Confirming the set values automatically adjusts the position of the cross so you can fire a check shot.

Useful functions

In addition to the standard functions that the thermal imager has, you can change the color of the hot spot to black or white. You can also change the color of the aiming cross, the brightness of the dipole and the zoom.

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