Hikmicro Gryphon GQ50L

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Hikmicro Gryphon GQ50L
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Night vision and thermal imaging in one device

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Product detailed description

TheHikmicro GQ50L Thermal Imaging Monocular (HM-TS26-50QG/WLV-GQ50L)is equipped with a high quality 640×512px resolution core and a 1024×768 OLED display, 50mm lens and laser rangefinder. It supports hot spot (tracking the hottest spot in the image), distance measurement (using the integrated rangefinder), Wi-Fi and more. Built-in high-sensitivity heat detector provides a clear image even in harsh environmental conditions such as darkness, fog, smoke, dust, rain, snow, forest undergrowth, etc.

2in1 device - Thermal imaging and night vision

The monocular can be used as both thermal vision and night vision. For night mode, it is necessary to purchase an illuminator and a mount (mounting).

Bi-Spectrum Image Fusion

Fusion technology: the combination of thermal and digital image provides high quality detailed images, offering great viewing at any time and in any weather.

Ergonomic design

The grip of the device is covered with leather and the rounded transition design provides a comfortable grip and excellent operating experience.

A new way to operate

The dial is used for menu selection and zooming to make operation more natural. Each turn provides users with an excellent sense of control.

Superior image algorithm

The self-developed image algorithm optimizes the image quality, bringing users high resolution and clearer image, highlighting the edge of the object.

Replaceable batteries

Two batteries and an external HIKMICRO charger are included, giving the freedom to observe all day long.

Large OLED display

The 0.39" high resolution (1024x768) OLED display has lower power consumption, has a wider viewing angle and richer colors. All of this serves to significantly improve the user experience.

Sleep mode

The monocular supports sleep mode to conserve battery consumption.

Advanced image sensor

The high-sensitivity 640x512, 12μm Vox image sensor offers high-quality image performance with extra detail. The detection range is up to 2600m.


Supports wi-fi hotspot and full control of the device via mobile app. Users can also use digital zoom, or record video on their mobile.


Models marked L have a built-in laser rangefinder, models without L have a ratio rangefinder. Measurement up to 600 m.

Calibration mode - Correction of noise in the image

The device offers 3 calibration options: automatically during operation, manually or in the background.

6 image modes

The GRYPHON series provides 6 image modes for different scenarios.

Ballistic Calculator

Once you have measured the distance to the target, you can enter this into the ballistic calculator and then correct the aiming point.

Battery life of 4.5 hours of operation.

Hikmicro is one of the few manufacturers to have an in-house 640x512 resolution core, the most sensitive core on the market (<35mk). The lower the NETD value, the betterthe sensor can record small temperature differences of objects with perfect images! This makes the latest thermal imaging systems a great price/performance ratio.

Key features:

- 640*512px detector resolution, high sensitivity detector

- DDE technology (Digital Detail Enhancement = you won't miss any detail)

- 3D DNR technology (3D Digital Noise Reduction = 3D Digital Noise Reduction = grain-free image)

- Adaptive AGC (Automatic Gain Control = Automatic Signal Strength Adjustment) technology = Automatically adjusts signal strength according to specific

observed scene)

- Display resolution1024×768 pixels with 0.39-inch diagonal Up to 4.5 hours of continuous operation (without Wi-Fi hot-spot function enabled)

- Lightweight

- Laser rangefinder with a range of up to 600m

- Waterproof IPX7 (protected against immersion in water. Immersion for 30 minutes to a depth of 1 meter) = the higher the better (max IPX8)

Package contents:

Thermal imaging monocular HIKMICRO Gryphon GQ50L
Rechargeable batteries, type 18650
Battery charger
Thermal imaging protective bag
Instructions in English
Hand strap

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Category: Thermal imaging
Warranty: 3 years
Weight: 2 kg

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