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Detailed information

Product detailed description

The all-new Tube family of thermal imaging spotting scopes is designed for lovers of classic shapes. Its ergonomic, elegant and timeless design and excellent image quality make it an extremely effective tool for day and night observing, even in rainy and foggy weather.

The newly developed 384 x 288 resolution and the 12 µm uncooled Vox microbolometer sensor always guarantee a sharp image. Compared to a similar category of competitors, the device with a significantly higher pixel count has visibly entered the market with a more detailed image. The new software allows you to refine the image, which provides a particularly beautiful view even at high magnifications. Engineers have managed to almost completely eliminate pixelation when zooming in digitally. InfiRay paid special attention to its traditional target binoculars with a tube diameter of 30 mm. Regardless of weather conditions, the durable, all-aluminum tube housing, 50 Hz refresh rate, and high sensor resolution allow you to use the focus selector to give the user a vivid visual world, ensuring a professional and experiential viewing experience for the most demanding hunters. Contrast adjustment is automatic and the target telescope helps find the target faster by enhancing the image hierarchy.

The deepest attention to detail can be further enhanced with the built-in PIP (picture-in-picture) function, even when zooming in on the target, while the rest of the screen allows the user to follow the original area for better orientation. The built-in 5 different color modes convincingly inform in different life situations and visions.

The TL35 lens with 35mm focal length and high-end sensor with a small 12 µm pixel can detect the human figure from a distance of up to 1816m . Optical magnification is 3.1x, which can be increased up to 12.4x in continuous, fine increments with 4x digital magnification - offering the most commonly used magnification values.

User-friendly interface
In the initial steps of creating the Tube thermal imaging target telescope, engineers focused on ease of use and speed of operation. With a fully iconic menu system, easy to understand pictograms and drop-down menus, transparency helps the user keep track of the area when changing settings. The top selector is responsible for adjusting the magnification by default, is called up by pressing the menu and is used to navigate it. In addition, only four control buttons are responsible for shutdown, color adjustment, and photo capture.

In addition to 16 GB of internal memory, the Tube TL35 offers an excellent zoom range, motion sensor, digital compass, WiFi image sharing, and up to 20,000 photo or video recording options . Captured images and videos have a uniform resolution of 768 x 576 pixels, finally providing real and spectacular information. It all becomes so much easier from there, so we have infinitely easy and fast access to the data via a USB-C cable to the computer. The cable serves as both a charger and a cable for data connectivity.

With a quick button you can adjust the most used functions, thread cross, brightness and color mode in seconds. The device offers 5 color modes, 6 filament cross types and 4 filament cross types as standard.

High degree of durability
High-quality, traditional design will convince even the most hardened adversaries. Rugged housing provides two batteries with a waterproof compartment. Built into the housing and the replaceable 18500 battery, they help each other achieve good serviceability. Up to 8 hours of operation is possible with only the built-in battery during use. The optional replaceable battery can extend this interval by up to 2 hours. The device has a USB-C socket.

Ultra Clear Mode
With the "Ultraclear" mode available in the menu system, the target telescope can be used to avoid adverse viewing conditions, such as supporting orientation in dense fog or rain by increasing sensitivity and highlighting the smallest details.

Supported photo resolutions:
768 x 576
Supported video resolutions:
768 x 576
Power supply:
Built-in rechargeable battery + replaceable 18500 battery
1280 x 960
USB-C charger and data connection
Viewing distance:
60 mm
Diopter compensation:
-5 - +5 dpt
Lens system:
35 mm focal length
Data storage:
16 GB built-in memory
Digital zoom:
2x, 3x, 4x, continuous
Color display modes:
five types
Image refresh:
50 Hz
Operation time:
up to 10 hours
Viewing angle:
7.5° x 5.6°
Front objective lens diameter of target telescope:
35 mm
Medium tube diameter:
Minimum magnification:
Maximum magnification:
Target telescope magnification range:
3.1 - 12.4x
Horizontal viewing angle (°):
Detection distance:
Human figure (1.7 x 0.5 m): 1816 m
Other features:
Built-in photo recorder and video recorder (24 hours of video or 20,000 photos)
Video output
WiFi - displayed image can be projected to a mobile device

Diameter of front lens outer housing with focus selector: 58 mm

384 x 288 pixels, uncooled Vox microbolometer, pixel size 12 µm; NETD: <= 50 mK
binoculars with thermal camera, soft, strong carrying case with shoulder strap, charger and video cable, lens cleaning cloth, 2 additional 1 50000 batteries and two-position charger
Thermal sensor:
384 x 288 12 µm

Additional parameters

Category: Thermal imaging
Warranty: 3 years
Weight: 2 kg
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