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Bunaty | 12Mpx | Range 15m | Response time 0,8 sec.

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New for 2015/16. The best for thieves and wildlife without compromise. Made for the Czech and Slovak Republics, complete Czech menu and high quality Czech manual. The only known photo trap on the market combining great camouflage with minimal shiny areas on the front of the photo trap.You can precisely aim the photo trap with the laser pointer and at the same time you can see everything that the photo trap will capture on the large display on the front of the photo trap. All Acorn, Scoutguard, Keepguard and other brands of photo traps have displays on the back of the photo trap, so you have to guess the orientation of the photo trap when mounting it. The nighttime photo quality matches or exceeds more expensive models of other brands, and maintains a completely invisible nighttime capture. Video with FULL HD audio quality. Sensitive motion sensor. A photo trap fine-tuned truly to the detail at an affordable price.


Body of the device made in camouflage with minimal shiny surfaces
Control via color display on the front of the photo trap
CMOS image sensor up to 12MP according to settings Color
Lens F / NE = 3,1mm
FOV (Field of View) = 52°
IR-range up to 15m
Memory card up to SD16GB
Image resolution up to 12MP by setting
Video resolution up to 1080P FULL HD
PIR adjustable sensitivity (High / Normal / Low)
Trigger speed 0.8s
Video length up to 60s
Stamp imprint on photo - date + time
Power supply 8 × AA
Dimensions 132mm x 88mm x 65mm

1.Great camouflage and workmanship with perfect weatherproofing
Minimum of shiny areas on the front of the photo trap. Invisible illumination optically masked into smaller areas, reducing the possibility of glare in daylight. The Bunaty photo trap is easily masked.High quality workmanship of all plastic parts with front cover in 3D

2.Large LCD display logically located on the front of the photo trap, when the front cover is removed
You place the photo trap in the desired location and you can see on the display exactly what the photo trap will capture.
The vast majority of manufacturers have the display on the back of the photo trap, so when you install the photo trap, you only have to guess where the photo trap is pointing and what it will be sensing.

3.Integrated Laser Pointer, which again makes it easier to point the photo trap at the desired target.

If the customer wants to install the photo trap in high places, it is often very difficult to aim the photo trap correctly, but with the BUNATY photo trap you simply turn on the laser pointer, you have the photo trap aimed in an instant and you can still easily verify everything on the large display.

4.Switching off and on is easy with BUNATY photo traps

If the photo trap is positioned it is very difficult to turn off the photo trap with these brands without disassembly, you have to take the photo trap off and pick it up, turn it over and flip the small switch. In addition, this switch is very prone to breakage. The BUNATY photo trap has a large and clear switch located under the front cover. The cover of the photo trap can be flipped open and the switch can be easily switched to the desired position.

5.Changing the batteries is really easy with the BUNATY photo trap, you do not have to dismantle the photo trap, you only have to flip open the front cover, press the button and slide out the battery tray with the batteries. Then you replace with new ones and slide the battery tray back in, you don't have to take the photo trap off the tree for example.

You always have to remove the Acorn ScoutGuard photo trap, pick it up and replace the batteries to change the batteries.

If the batteries are drained, the Acorn, ScoutGuard photo traps will usually be irreparably damaged, BUNATY photo traps have the batteries separated in the tray so that the photo trap is not damaged.

6.Determining the battery status of BUNATY photo traps is easy, unlike other photo traps. Simply flip open the front cover and you can see the battery status on the large display.

7.Great quality of night photos , which exceeds even much more expensive photo traps.

8.FULLHD video quality with audio recording

BUNATY photo trap can combine both photography and video recording i.e., when motion is detected the photo trap will take a photo, video or photo with video recording according to your settings.

9.High quality multi-zone motion sensor reacting to heat with maximum range.

10.Bunaty photo trap is made for Czech and Slovak republic which guarantees quality and fast service. Complete Czech menu and high quality Czech manual is a matter of course, including telephone support for setting up the photo trap.

The BUNATY photopast has additional features such as a timer where you can set from when to when the photopast should be active. The time-lapse function is ideal for monitoring large areas or any other time-lapse photography where the photo trap takes photos at regular intervals without the need to record motion

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