Roy knife set 6 pieces

Roy knife set 6 pieces

Roy knife set 6 pieces

Warranty: 2 years
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49,99 € 41,66 €
  • hunting eviscerating knife
  • boning knife
  • skinning knife
  • butcher's knife
  • multifunctional butcher knife
  • knife grinder
  • nylon carrying case
  • 440c steel

Imagine being able to take just one tool into the outdoors. Which one would it be? With our 6-piece hunting knife set, you don't have to compromise. Whether you're an avid hunter, outdoor enthusiast, or simply need a reliable set of knives for everyday use, this set is designed to meet and exceed all of your expectations.

For the price of 39.99€, you not only get excellent quality, but also a 2-year warranty. Each knife in the set has been designed with your specific outdoor needs in mind - from the gutting knife for quick and efficient hits, to the boning knife and skinning knife for precision work, to the butcher knife and multi-function butcher knife for processing your catch. And we haven't forgotten the knife sharpener, so your tools are always ready for action. And to keep your knives safely with you at all times, we've added a nylon carrying case to protect your knives from damage and make them easy to carry.

5 compelling bullet points with the product's biggest benefits:

1. A complete set for every situation: with our 6-piece set, you have exactly the knife you need, whether for hunting, camping or home use. 2. For an unbeatable price, you get a set of knives made from quality materials with a 2-year warranty.

3. With the included knife sharpener and the multi-functional capabilities of each knife, you are always ready to face any challenge. Convenient portability.

5. Ideal gift for any hunter and outdoor enthusiast: This knife set is the perfect gift for anyone who appreciates quality, functionality, and versatility. Don't miss the opportunity to upgrade your gear with this essential tool. Buy our 6-piece hunting knife set today and experience your adventures with the confidence that you have the best gear on hand.

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