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The strongest bear spray MACO STOP Extreme 150ml gel

The strongest bear spray MACO STOP Extreme 150ml gel


The best-selling and most effective certified bear spray

Expiry date 2029

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The best-selling and strongest certified bear spray from the Slovak brand MACO STOP

The MACO STOP Extreme 150ml gel spray has a good range and is stronger than conventional defensive sprays, in addition, the gel consistency ensures that the substance is not as susceptible to wind as a conventional spray, MACO STOP simply aims exactly where you direct it, in addition to the strong irritating effect, the substance also sticks to the attacker after it hits, which is an additional deterrent effect, especially for the animal, which is significantly disoriented due to this.

  • Small, lightweight and compact
  • High efficiency and protection (strength 2 000 000 SHU)
  • Designed to ward off not only bear attacks
  • Range approx. 8-9 metres
  • Option to buy a holster and a bell

MACO STOP Extreme bear defense spray is used to protect hikers but also foresters, hunters and anyone who is in the woods to repel an attack by a bear or other large beast in the wild. The product is extremely effective as it contains a combination of the powerful substances Capsicum oleoresin OC (capsaicin) up to 10% and MC 1.4% which is the most on the market. These substances provide instant paralysis and great burning in the respiratory tract, head and eyes with a blurring effect on vision. MACO STOP bear defense spray has an effective range of up to 10m with a direct continuous stream of gel sticky liquid. The spraying time of the contents is 3-5s. This spray serves as an effective protection. When using, we recommend to dose the spray in several smaller doses.

MACO STOP sprays are available in two versions: "HMLA" and "GEL".

Advantages of the GEL version: less susceptible to wind, delivers the full dose of the substance during the entire trajectory

Disadvantages of GEL: it is less easy to hit the target

Advantages of HMLA: easier to hit the target with

Disadvantages of the HMLA: less effective range, as it dissipates more and more with each metre and therefore delivers significantly less effective agent at the end of the trajectory than at the beginning


Content: 150 ml
Range: up to 11m
Active ingredients: OC Capsicum oleoresin up to 10%, MC 1.4%
Vessel height: 22cm

Suitable not only for bears but also for other aggressive animals and humans, MACO STOP Extreme can be used against any invader.

Important note: This product can only be sent to persons over 18 years of age, by placing an order you confirm that you are over 18 years of age.

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