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Wachman Solar Pro

Wachman Solar Pro

Warranty: 2 years

PRO model with 940nm invisible illumination and even better photos and wider angle of view

No more buying and replacing batteries - Wachman Solar with built-in solar trail camera

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we have tested thetrail cameras we sell, they all come directly from the manufacturer and are designed for the SK/CZ market, the software is also adapted to this, which guarantees trouble-free use

Model 2024 with 4K video

Modern trail camera with top parameters, best quality photos and videos

Tired of shopping and changing the batteries in your photo trap? Then Wachman Solar is for you

Solar-powered and WIFI-connected, no need to go to thetrail camera booth, you can download photos to your phone from about 15 meters away via WIFI using the app

Slovak menu, Slovak manual

Range of illumination 20 - 25m

Invisible 940nm illumination

Motion sensor range 15 - 20m

Thetrail camera is powered by its own solar panel and 4 AA batteries

Built-in 4400mAh solar power supply with long lasting

4K video, photos up to 7392x4160, shutter speed only 0.3 seconds

Revolutionize wildlife viewing with the Wachman Solar Pro - a photo trap that frees you from the hassle of changing batteries and takes your experience to a whole new level. With state-of-the-art features and solar-powered operation, this model is designed for avid hunters, conservationists, foresters, and even property guards and anyone who wants to capture the unobserved beauty of the wilderness in the highest quality.

Why choose the Wachman Solar Pro?

1. No more constantly changing batteries. With an integrated 4400mAh solar panel, the Wachman Solar Pro automatically recharges throughout the day, ensuring long-lasting operation and sustainability.

2. With 940nm IR illumination that is invisible to the human eye and a 120° wide-angle viewing angle of the motion sensor, the Wachman Solar Pro captures every detail without disturbing wildlife or being spotted by a thief.

3. High Quality Images and Videos: Enjoy unsurpassed quality with 4K videos and photos up to 7392x4160 pixels. With an ultra-fast shutter speed of just 0.3 seconds, even the fastest movement won't be missed.

4. WIFI Connection and Slovak Menu: With the integrated WIFI and app, you can conveniently transfer images directly to your phone without the need for physical contact with the photo trap and from a distance of about 20-30m. The Slovak menu and manual ensure easy and intuitive operation.

5. With IP66 water resistance and rugged construction, the Wachman Solar Pro is ready for any adventure and inclement weather, ensuring reliable performance in any environment.

5 points that will convince you:

- Carefree Solar Power: Enjoy uninterrupted operation without the need to change batteries.

- Invisible Night Mode: Capture wildlife in its natural environment with invisible IR illumination.

- High Speed Shutter and High Quality Image: Never miss a moment with perfect pictures and videos.

- Simplicity and Convenience.

- Waterproof and Rugged Design. Wachman Solar Pro is not just a trail camera, it's your invisible companion on your travels to explore the beauty of the wilderness. Let us capture your most amazing moments with technology that respects nature while offering unsurpassed quality and convenience.

Technical parameters Wachman Solar PRO

Memory Micro SD Card up to 256GB (not included)
IR Filter Fully automatic
TFT Screen 2" IPS 320x240(RGB)
Lens F=4.0; F/NO=1.6;FOV=120°
Microphone 48dB
Speaker 1W, 85db
Bluetooth 5.0 2.4GHz
WiFi 2.4-2.5GHz 802.11 b/g/n (up to 150 Mbps)
PIR Sensor Sensitivity 3 levels: high/normal/low
PIR Sensor Viewing Angle Central: 60°
PIR Sensor Viewing Distance up to 20
Maximum Viewing Distance at Night 3-20m
Frame Rate Approx.3 sec.
Photo resolution 30M:7392x4160; 24M:6544x3680; 20M:5888x3312; 16M:5376x3024; 12M:4608x2592; 8M:3840x2160; 4M:2560x1440; 2M:1920x1088
Video Resolution 4K(3840x2160p @30fps),2K(2560x1440 30fps); 1296P(2304x1296 30fps); 1080P(1920x1080 30fps); 720(1280x720 30fps); 480P(848x480 30fps); 368P(640x368 30fps)
File Format Photo: JPEG / Video: MPEG-4 (H.264
Power supply 4xAA (not included)
Solar panel (4400mAh Li-battery)
Dimensions 143x107x95mm
Waterproof IP66

Wachman Solar Pro is a newer model of the popular predecessor Wachman Solar

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